iPad Mini Vs iPad Mini 2

iPad mini 2 has become one of the top-end tablets, with price still lesser than those that are considered far inferior. Though the outward appearance of iPad mini 2 is the same

Laptop vs iPad Pros and Cons

Computer gadgets have become a lot simpler to operate and easier to carry than they used to be decades back. The same applies for iPad Air which weighs approximately 1 pound and

Brilliant Technical Features of Apple iPad Air 2

When Apple proudly introduced its first iPad Air, people were amazed to see the size which measured only 7.5 mm. But, when iPad Air 2 was introduced in the month of October

Apple iPad Vs Laptop

The Apple’s iPad mini has not lost its reputation even after many versions have been released in different manners of the same. The release of this particular device was done just as

The captivating design that lures you to buy iPad mini:

The beautiful brushed metal design is what gets people very much attracted to iPad mini. Though you may feel that it resembles its immediate predecessor in some respects, the innards of iPad

The weight of the device is in the name-iPad Air!

The stunning discovery of Apple Inc. called iPad Air has mesmerized people across the world mainly by its weight which is only a pound. The innards are superbly set so as to

Android tablets are now the devices that captivate all age groups!

If you are looking for a tablet computer that is really easy to operate then, you better go for the Android tablet models. This year, the popularity for Android tables has increased

iPad mini 2 -The device that is even lighter than its predecessors!

This device is definitely an improved version of iPad Air and weighs lighter than most other tablets introduced in the past. The sleek aluminum finish has undoubtedly attracted people from across the

It is worth the craving you have to operate iPad mini 3!

This exquisite device has a metal unibody with the weight of just 331gms. The 2,048 by 1,536 pixel density gives you an unbelievable experience while watching a movie or playing your favorite

Is it fantasy or truth that Apple has released the thinnest version of tablet?

The thickness of an iPad air 2 can’t be known unless you touch it yourself. Apple Inc has introduced that thin a tablet which weighs lighter than air. The effort of Apple