Motorola Moto X Play Specifications – What You Should Know

Moto X was released first on August 23, 2013, shortly after its acquisition by Google. In 2014, they launched its second generation. Since then, it has changed hands again with Lenovo purchasing

Apple iPad Air Review

Apple iPad Air – Light and Thin as the Air Thin yet solid, Apple iPad Air have just 7.5 mm thickness and weighs one pound. Carry it, and it will feel as

Why iPad mini 2 is considered an unparalleled tablet?

iPad mini 2 has the perfect design that everybody likes without any prejudice. No other tablet brand has earned as much eulogy as this mainly due to its remarkable appearance. For those

How iPad mini 3 is a superior tablet to its predecessors?

Apple Inc. has proved time and again that iPad tablet models are the best in quality in terms of functionality and design. iPad mini 3 is one among the most sophisticated models

How iPad mini pushed behind the other models?

The stunning brushed metal design of iPad mini attracts you at first sight. The sleekness of it feels so comfortable in your hands that you would like to carry it wherever you

Why iPad Air ranks first amongst the top 10 tablet brands:

The first & foremost reason why iPad should be your tablet of choice is its size which is 25% thinner than iPad 4 and 7.5mm thick. This tablet has 64-bit A7 processor

5 reasons why Apple’s iPad Air 2 is popular among other brands:

iPad air 2 is considered the thinnest tablet that Apple ever introduced to the world. Marketing the product was never difficult for Apple due to various reasons among which the primary was

iPad mini 3 With Touch ID Feature

The iPad mini 3 is a remarkable creation by Apple Inc. which has made the device very popular among the whole population. The A7 chip and the 7.9 inch retina display have

iPad Mini Vs iPad Mini 2

iPad mini 2 has become one of the top-end tablets, with price still lesser than those that are considered far inferior. Though the outward appearance of iPad mini 2 is the same

Laptop vs iPad Pros and Cons

Computer gadgets have become a lot simpler to operate and easier to carry than they used to be decades back. The same applies for iPad Air which weighs approximately 1 pound and