Who does not want to own an iPad. This gadget has now become a status symbol and a must have for every tech-savvy. If you too are a fan of iPad series, here is not one but two great news for you.

The second version of iPad Mini series, the iPad Mini 2 and the fifth version of iPad series, the iPad 5 are soon going to hit the mobile phone market. These gadgets are still in pipeline yet these are already hit in market and are much in demand. If you go by rumours, iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 will get released till August.
Apple iPad 5
Now, let’s talk about the mobile phones. Speculation are made that the duo are going to share same design but iPad 5 will come with many latest technologies in it. Like, it will come with a smart
fingerprint chip under the home button and the phone will be 7.6 mm in thickness.

The prices and other features are though not revealed yet but many iPad fans are eager to buy this mobile phone in any price. And the second mini version of iPad, the iPad Mini 2 is coming with sharper display as the rumours are suggesting.
ipad mini 2
Better screen resolutions will definitely going to make this mobile phone a hit and when it is an iPhone, we can guess this will be not it. We can make only speculations till the time of actual revelation. We all have our finger crossed and we all are eagerly waiting for these two mobile phones to get launched soon.