ipad Mini
If you are the lover of technology then what can be best for you other than iPad Mini at today’s date. The size of the iPad Mini might seem small but space inside it is enormous and uncountable as millions of apps can be downloaded into it. All the credit of introducing such beautiful and smart product into market goes to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is the second name of modern technology today and all of this is defined by its products.
Apple Inc launched iPad Mini with a beautiful display of 7.9-inch, powerful A5 chip, FaceTime HD Camera, iSight camera equipped with High Definition Video camera recording. iPad Mini also has ultra fast wireless that improves the workability of this incredible device.
Why iPad Mini is worth attention grabber of tech savvies:
• The name- iPad mini suits on its design as it is 23% thinner than iPad and 53% lighter than iPad and you can easily get the hold of it in your palm.
• Its touch is amazing and you will love to view, edit and share photos by the means of it. You can record any video clip with immense clarity as it has camera of 1080p.
• More than 300,000 apps are available for iPad which make this device more usable and worth.
• It has A5 chip which is power efficient chip and is responsible for fast, and its fluid performance.
• This has a very good backup. It has 10 hour long battery life.
• Advanced Wi-Fi technology is inbuilt into it that allows users to get access to world over internet.
• The latest version iOS6 for iPad is installed in iPad mini.
iPad Mini has everything for everyone. So, if you are looking for iPad then move up with iPad Mini.