For all those mobile phone users and loyal brand consumers of Apple, who have loved iPad mini, we have got some great news. Apple is soon going to launch the second version of the iPad mini, the iPad mini 2. It is compact and it is powerful. No doubt, mini form is more comfortable sometimes in comparison to its bulky version and the same fact made the iPad mini a hit and now you can buy the more improved version of this cute 7 inches mini tablet in form of iPad Mini 2.

ipad mini 2
Many renowned networking companies are offering lucrative iPad mini 2 deals in support of this tablet. These deals assure that not only you will get the uninterrupted services but you will get many free gifts and incentive too if you buy this tablet in these deals. You can simply sign a contract for a period of time with the networking service provider company to buy this mobile phone in iPad mini 2 contract deals. This way you can buy this tablet in subsidized prices.
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The most lucrative part is that the longer the time period for contract you choose the more expensive free gifts you get along with the deal. The free gifts include lap tops, LCD and LED TVs, Mp3 players, Game consoles, mobile phone etc. You also get many free incentives in these deals. Through iPad mini 2 data plan, you can get cheap internet services from the service provider companies. Release date for this tablet is not announced yet but patience rewards.