If it isn’t Samsung that is making retina displays for iPads then who? Apple and Samsung’s long standing business partnership seems to have hit a dead end, where both the brands are looking at different ways. For Apple it would be losing a trustworthy partner and Samsung would lose a considerable amount of its chip’s revenue that stands at 80%.

Samsung make displays and chips for iPhones and iPads. The quality of the products is high and also Samsung is able to meet the demand. Apple is unlikely to find such a reliable partner and also Samsung is unlikely to find a consumer like Apple but currently both the giants are determined not to move an inch from their positions.

ipad mini 2

A legal battle has been started to resolve the standoff and a divorce seems the only solution of the problem. Samsung has won the partial battle by getting official nod for a partial import ban on Apple products. What steps Apple would take is still unclear but the iPhone maker would retaliate soon. Since the partial ban doesn’t have any serious implications for iPhones and iPads, Apple has some time to consider its strategy.

Presently Apple seems busy and worried about the launch of iPhone Mini 2. The question is if not Samsung then who? Apple needs retina display for its devices and presently for Mini 2. None of the contenders of retina displays has proved its worth hence Samsung is the one and only option left for Apple. Similar situation is with Samsung that would lose a large chunk of its business.