Apple iPad 5 is expected to be released anytime between September and October. Pictures of the device have been released unofficially though. The gadget looks slightly thicker than the present Best iPad. To be precise, it’s just 7.9 mm thick while the present iPad is 9.4 mm thick. The leaked pictures clearly show the iPad 5 sporting a 232 x 178.5 mm body case.

More news is coming out about iPad 5. There could be a foldable stand with back control buttons. Of course the back control would be for gaming but who knows what Apple is thinking about the back control buttons. But one thing is certain and that is the iPad 5 would get iOS 7. If launched with present design and size, the iPad 5 would be slimmest of all the 9 inch plus idevices. How far the leaks prove to be true is a matter to be seen.
ipad 5

Pictures of the iPad 5 are leaked by a source stated to be working on contract with Apple. The source is in the team working on the development of iPad 5. Slim size, light weight and foldable stand with back control features would certainly add to the convenience of the new idevice. When would it be launched is uncertain and so is its price.
Leaked pictures show that the phone is ready to be launched but only Apple could tell how much work is left for the phone to make ready for launch. Let the manufacturer say something about which phone is it going to launch first as iPad Mini is also waiting to see the light of the day.