Judging the iPad mini is not so easy. It is undoubtedly an innovation from Apple. As usual they never lagged behind in making the best consumer electronics and iPad mini is one of the best. It is however not considered as a revolutionary product by many.
Why iPad mini is the Best ?

• Although the specs described on paper are not attractive as it has a low processor, not that good a display and looks like an old fashioned product, the realization descends once someone holds it. Starting from its amazing unboxing experience like previous iPads, the attractive aluminum body is captivating enough to hold the attention of any individual.

• The display is not perfect but the 1024×768 panel is pleasing enough to read ebooks. In terms of size, at 7.9” it is smaller than iPad and bigger than Nexus 7 and gives a comfortable reading experience.

• In terms of design, Apple should be appreciated for creating a design blended with aluminum and glass and make the devise a beauty in itself.

• The light weight and thin structure of iPad mini is undoubtedly one of the unbeatable features that no other devise can match. Among many competitor devises such as Kindle or Nexus 7, it enjoys a prominent position for its thickness.

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The graphic capabilities are good enough to play games and the silver and navy colors are already popular in the market. The ultra thin gadget with its cool features has been a real innovation from Apple and has to be ranked as one of the best gadgets.