With the increase in tablet usage across the world and Apple offering various stunning products, it seems that there is no end to this digital revolution. Apple iPad mini is one such devise that enjoys popularity for its tech specs and features. Many surveys show how customers are happy with the products and are enjoying its functionality to the core.

Size matters

Apple iPad mini has met the expectations of customers worldwide. The thin size fits in the hands easily and the light weight gives tough time to all its competitors. The increased storage capacity that stores as many as 275,000 apps is definitely praise worthy devise.

Camera and Speed

The two cameras on both sides of the Ipad enhance its beauty and serve the purpose well. The front camera helps in clicking pictures of the self and the back one captures the world in its own unique way. The chip is powerful enough to process the websites, apps and games. The fast browsing speed is feather in the cap.

Battery Timing

Battery timing has always been a constraint on the mobile devises. Apple iPad mini provides 10 hours battery timing that users have no regrets.


One disadvantage of the devise is its cost. It is relatively more expensive than its competitors. However the amazing features and functionality overshadows this disadvantage.

The number of happy customers is increasing day by day and feedback on various online platforms has shown that the device is one of the choicest products to many. The light weight devise with beautiful display, enriched with useful applications is easy to handle, durable and remains a technological innovation from Apple.