Many individuals buy ipad and do not make the most of it. They use few popular applications and never use their devise fully. You can follow some cool tips to get the best from your iPad. The best uses are as follows:

Easy Browsing

The obvious use of an iPad is to surf the internet with comfort. As it can be carried anywhere comfortably, one can use it to surf the web on the go.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

IPad gives an enhanced gaming experience. Portable gaming has reached to a new level with the use of accelerometer and the gyroscope. The later versions- iPad 2 and iPad 3 helps in playing reality games and retina display respectively.

Easy eReader

This devise is popular for its distinguished reading ability and helps users to read amazon’s books.

Photo Album

The easy photo storage and 9.7 screen display with slide show makes iPad a popular photo album special.

Connecting to the Television

The iPad can be connected to the HDTV using Airplay that connects the ipad and Apple TV wirelessly. It facilitates both audio and video for a full HD experience.


The GPS enabled devise with a GPS chip will never make you feel lost. The Maps application in the iOS helps in finding locations with turn by turn directions.

Video Conferencing

IPad is a true assistant to busy professionals. The email addresses can be used as phone numbers and making video conferencing possible with people with iPhones or ipads.