The new release from Apple Inc, iPad Air is very thin, feathery and easy to carry. In addition to the good appearance, the applications provided are extremely far-reaching and adept. iPad comes with iOS 7 Operating System having A7 chip, M7 co-processor and advanced wireless technology. This gadget in your hand will definitely make you superior as it can do things that you have only imagined and works superbly even at distant places.

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The introduction of iPad in the past years has enabled people to easily connect to the web while at work to learn and play at their convenience. While making everybody relish the features of it, the iPad Air serves many other purposes it was designed for. The weight of iPad Air is around 30% lesser than the normal iPad and yet, looks immensely strong with buttons for rough handling. Along with the stylish look, the iPad makes you sense the durability while you hold the device in your hand. It makes you feel really amazing and grab the attention of people to inflate your pride.

One of the evident looking features in an iPad Air is “retina powered 9.7 inches display”, to give you a picture-perfect screen, followed by dual microphones providing good sound and noise reduction, 5 mega pixel front and back camera and so on. All these advancements are fitted compactly within the sleek frame of the device. Excellent contract deals are available on to make you a proud owner of this marvelous iPad Air. Log on, book and be first to know the variation.