If you are wondering which tablet or iphone should you buy this season? iPad Mini and iPad Air stand tall in the race. Both the iPad Mini with Retina Display and the iPad Air are predictable to be among the coolest sellers in this summer. With the iPad Air, Apple has taken design cues from its predecessor iPad mini to create a lighter, thinner, and more ergonomically-friendly design. The prime change on the mini is has a sharper display.

iPad mini and iPad Air

Both the gadgets iPad Air and ipad mini share the same specs like the A7 processor, M7 coprocessor and the 5-megapixel iSight camera. Moreover, both the tablets can run many apps as many as 475,000 apps existing in the App Store.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before buying the right tablet for you follow focus on the design. Before the iPad Air was launched, Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet differed from its smaller counterpart in terms of design. While the iPad Mini has angular edges, previous iPad versions had rounded look. Now, Apple has given its full-sized iPad Air a mini conversion, with the 9.7-inch slate making it sleeker and cleaner with smaller edges and beveled ends. This helps to grasp the iPad Air easily.

You should then focus on the display. iPad mini packs more pixels per inch, giving it a 326 ppi as opposed to the iPad Air’s 264 ppi. That means images are sharper. Both the gadgets iPad Air and second-generation iPad Mini come with a Retina display, which means and sport a resolution of 2048 x 1536.
Once you know these details, you can pick the one that suits your taste and style.