“Little bigger than a soft drink canister, yet loaded with a world of applications”, is what iPad Mini is described as. iPad Mini is an ideal device that provides faultless performance as a mobile phone and a wi-fi enabled personal tablet. This is a good release from Apple with a reduced cost and additionally, the company has offered its clients the same features of iPad in a smaller size. iPad Mini is a picture- perfect compact device coming with 64 bit A7 processor that operates at express speed, 1024 x768 HD display, impressive panels, 7.87 inches through 5.3 inches screen size etc. The main feature of the new generation iPad is the retina display, which is also present in this mini version.

The thin and light weight iPad mini is just the right gadget for all age groups of people. This size is preferred the most by parents for their kids from the age group of 4 to 14, as it acts as phone and tablet. With the help of the apps, the parents can track each and every action of their kids and their movement. In spite of their thin appearance, the nature of iPad mini is very solid and so handling with a proper cover is quite easy. A big group of technicians have developed around 300,000 applications for iPad mini tech users.

Built-in lithium polymer battery lasting for 10 hours, 5-Mega pixel dual camera, powerful built- in speakers, 3rd Generation Air Play video streaming are the prominent characteristics of iPad Mini. Visit www.tablethub.co.uk to pick this wonderful device on a contract deal.