Apple inc. has made a revolution by launching its thin version of tablet named iPad Air. The glossy slim look of this device has attracted a large crowd. Apple products are very famous because of their appearance, lustrous design and the number of applications available in the phone. iPad Air possesses all the credentials of Apple product in spite of being very slender.

The surprise element of this gadget is that it weighs just like a mobile phone, around half a pound, with a width measuring 7.5mm (front to back). The reduction in the weight has resulted only because of the compressed size of internal components. The rest of the specifications are up to date and as per the expectation of the users.

Apple iPad Air is of the same size as the normal iPad having 9.7’ retina display, around 10 hours of battery life (built-in lithium battery), options of 3G and 4G combined with Wifi, built-in speakers and microphone, dual cameras, video recording features and so on. A7 chip technology, 1.3 Ghz high speed processor, 16GB, 32 GB, 64GB, 128 GB internal memory choices to suit the usage, latest blue tooth technology etc., are the significant and noteworthy features of this excellent gadget.

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