Apple’s introduction of iPad 3 is the first to have retina screen which displays pictures as you see them in reality. The structure is solid and yet so light to carry. The battery life is extremely good even after having a powerful display of colours on the screen. In the distant past, have you ever imagined sitting on a couch comfortably and holding a PC or laptop? iPad 3 makes that thought come true in reality. The flat base with a rough finish gives enough control while you grip the device.

A rare moment while on vacation can be captured on ipad3 and posted on the face book immediately for others to relish. The visual attraction of the device makes kids so obsessed with it. So, parents these days find it so easy teaching subjects to kids via iPad 3. The equipment can be connected to the TV and music played through your home theatre speakers. A new recipe can be stored on the device and referred to simultaneously, when cooking is under process. One of the main advantages of ipad3 in today’s world is reading books, which otherwise is called ereading.

Loads of text can be downloaded in seconds and read as and when you want. For Parents that are out waiting for their kids to finish up their tennis lessons, ipad3 serves as a TV. With the help of Sling Media’s sling box, the parents can catch up with the shows they can’t miss. Apart from everything, the device can be used as a GPS with the help of a GPS chip.