Maybe it is the size that made experts coin the name “tablet” isn’t it? Among the many versions of computer, tablet seems to be the sleek and yet, a solid device to work with. It does not require a separate space at home or enormous power supply. All you need to do is plug the device into the charger and get the battery filled with power. The main advantage of a tablet is that it can be transported wherever you desire without any hassle unlike other devices. The option of viewing the screen in portrait or landscape is not present in laptops or on desktop computers whereas, a tablet has.

Being one-fifth the size of a laptop, it offers more or less the same functionalities as the laptop. For professional meetings, a tablet is the best to carry because of its lightning speed. Viewing movies while you are on the bed is never possible without a device like this. An amazing fact is that a tablet can be used as a GPS navigator while you are exploring places of interest. Pictures can be emailed to friends the same moment that they are captured on the camera of a tablet. Buying books gets considerably reduced if you have this device. Loads of text can be downloaded and read with convenience and the same can be retrieved any time in future with just a few clicks. But, books are often misplaced or get damaged very quickly. In short, a tablet connects you to the outer world faster than any other computer device.