It is very surprising even to imagine that a tablet PC weighing less than 2 pounds can perform as good as a laptop. The iPad Air from Apple Inc has an astounding appearance with an A7 chip that has increased its processing speed beyond expectations. The size of it captivates your attention and urges you to hold it close to your chest only to understand that it is the easiest thing ever to carry. The innards of this particular version of iPad are quite brilliantly fitted to bring the entire world’s information to you in a few clicks.

The battery life of iPad Air is quite unbelievable when kids are able to watch videos or play games without relying on the charger for hours together. The 5 megapixel “isight camera” on this wonderful device captures moments of your life with the precision of a movie camera. Moreover, the enhanced retina display of pictures with the help of very high resolution gives a stunning experience to you. The presence of more than 3.1 million pixels makes movies and games
immaculately perfect to watch. Having a FaceTime conversation with your face brightened up on the video will make your beloved ones want to be close to you at once. Apart from everything, holding an iPad Air is like holding a book of your choice to read. The ebooks can be downloaded really quickly and read as and when you desire, sitting in the comfort of your couch.Kinds for Game

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