With the advent of technology, electronic devices especially iPads, have started coming in surprisingly reduced sizes. More surprising is the fact that an iPad Air is capable of performing pretty much the same function as a laptop. iPad Air being one of Apple Inc’s amazing inventions has an A7 chip installed, to increase the processing speed. At the very sight of the device, anybody would want to hold it close to his chest and relish the feeling of its amazing light weight. Though the components inside an iPad Air are very difficult to understand, the level of their performance is really boundless.

Unlike other models, the battery life of iPad Air is quite unbelievable, letting kids play games for hours together without relying on the charger. The 5 megapixel “isight camera” fitted meticulously on this mindboggling device is able to capture pictures with unimaginable precision. The high resolution pictures are sure to stir your imagination beyond control. The 3.1 million mega pixel iPad Air would definitely persuade you to watch movies to give you the perfect excitement. There is no experience parallel to having a face time conversation on iPad Air with your beloved ones because, the display of your crystal-clear image on the screen will definitely increase the time-span of the conversation. Apart from other advantages, an iPad Air is the perfect replacement for books.

Downloading loads of text is not at all a difficult process if you have this device and increasing the font size to your choice will apparently make reading a wonderful experience to you.

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