When you look at the shape and size of iPad Air, you would definitely praise the experts that worked day and night to have arrived at a device that looks so much out-of-the-ordinary. Being that thin, this electronic device stores tones and tones of information and takes you around the world without you having to move yourself physically anywhere. An iPad Air is surprisingly thinner, faster and lighter than most of its counterparts. It is definitely a giant leap for Apple Inc. in the technological race, where competition never ceases.

The aluminum body feels very soft and light in your hands, with curved smooth edges ending with a spectacular finish. The device really brings the feeling of holding air. Unlike its contemporary devices, iPad Air can be held with ease while on the sofa or standing, or even while lying on the couch. The stereo speakers of the device are designed wonderfully to give the best output while listening to music or watching a movie. The speakers are pointed outwardly which gives a better appearance to the whole device. The presence of A7 chip makes iPad Air very convenient with regards to opening applications and processing power.

The iSight camera is very powerful that, shooting pictures becomes an obsession with the user. Even in low-light, the tiny camera works in a splendid manner to give you unmatched results. The 9.7 inch retina display would gradually make your interest slow down to watch movies on a TV and double your desire to stick to the iPad Air screen. Similarly, downloading loads of text to read is never a difficult task with iPad Air. The speed at which you can do that is quite amazing and reading an e-book is completely a mind-boggling experience.
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The battery life of iPad Air is longer than those of many other advanced tablets. Though the size of the battery occupies approximately 10% of the space available for the entire set of components, the power of it is unparalleled. Never again would you have to rely on the charger every so often as you do, while handling other similar devices. iCloud comes free with iPad Air which helps you do wireless backups to Apple’s server.

Apart from the above, the smart cover that Apple has introduced for iPad Air protects the screen from minor accidental falls very easily. To conclude, there is a lot to consider before buying a computer tablet. Going for something like iPad Air would keep you out of trouble mainly because of the service backup, which is very essential in electronic products. The price, apart from other aspects, is very much affordable.