The thickness of an iPad air 2 can’t be known unless you touch it yourself. Apple Inc has introduced that thin a tablet which weighs lighter than air. The effort of Apple Inc. to offer mankind a tablet as thin as iPad air 2, has paid off well in other respects too. The screen has become really thinner and wider for you to be able to watch movies and read books very comfortably. Being 6.1 mm thick, the device can be transported easily from place to place without fear.

The structural integrity of iPad air 2 cannot be compromised because of the solid innards that do a wonderful job. The switches are positioned for your convenience and there is surely a lot of difference in that area which you would feel while using. The camera, both front and back, with the new 8 MP iSight snapper, captures pictures same as those used by professionals. Though it is not a new design out-and-out, the differences shown are very much acceptable. Compared to iPad Air, the iPad Air 2 has a longer battery life which helps you better, while travelling long distances or playing games. The unbelievable powerful A8× chip has increased the overall performance of the device from processing speed to sharpness of the camera. With over 3 billion transistors, the chip inside iPad Air 2 has been able to bring
the best viewing experience to the buyers.