iPad Air-This fifth-generation tablet was introduced by Apple Inc. in the year 2013 and has undoubtedly left people speechless. The colors were grey and silver initially and the device had A7 processor. The sleek and the smooth design of iPad Air is the advantage that you will realize when you carry it with yourself to the workplace. The weight of it does not annoy you even if you keep it in the breast pocket. The device carries several applications such as Siri, Safari, Photos, iTunes, Video, Music etc. It has a 64-bit A7 chipset which is used in iPhone 5S.

The power button, the rocker switch and the volume button are positioned conveniently to operate while you are holding the device. The 9.7 inch screen looks very stunning and watching movies on that is an experience you can’t express in words. The 2,048×1536 retina resolution brings a lot of image sharpness to the watchers. The advantage as realized by many users across the world is that an iPad Air can be held at any angle to get a clear view of the picture or video. Reading books on this device is very convenient because of its size.

iPad Air can proudly boast of its innards that make the entire device very durable. Minor falls are easily sustained by this tablet without any difficulty. The inimitable nature of this particular model of tablet is gaining a lot of popularity and offers on this device are mindboggling.