The stunning discovery of Apple Inc. called iPad Air has mesmerized people across the world mainly by its weight which is only a pound. The innards are superbly set so as to make this model as light as possible. The A7 process does all the wonder and makes iPad air a device superior to its predecessors. Its 2048 × 1536 pixel density gives you the best experience while playing games or watching a special movie. The headphone jack is conveniently located and there is no fear of your hands-free getting tangled often.

The front facing camera is pretty much astounding as the rear one. The pictures you capture are crystal clear and can be canvas printed if need be. The two speakers that are positioned close to each other emit the best sound quality that you would not have experienced in other models. For reading, this device helps a lot by its width that gives you the exact feeling of holding a book. The 64 bit processor makes it easy for you to open applications, without slowing down the speed of the device.

A significant improvement has been made with regards to the battery that lasts for more than 9 hours if iPad air is used on moderate levels. This is a big advantage for people travelling quite often from place to place and for kids playing endlessly on computers as well. In conclusion, if you choose to replace your laptop, iPad Air would be the best choice!