iPad mini 2 has become one of the top-end tablets, with price still lesser than those that are considered far inferior. Though the outward appearance of iPad mini 2 is the same as iPad mini, there are definitely improvements with the former that you can’t ignore such as quality, performance, connectivity etc. The softly bent side corners of iPad mini 2 contribute significantly to the beauty of the device. The aluminum back has increased the pompousness of the device and enticed people to slowly drift their minds toward this model.

The glossy front of iPad mini 2 with 2048×1536 display density has made this device a much sought-after one. The video quality is very superb that you don’t need any additional device to enhance the picture quality. The dual cameras on the mini 2 can take photos of stunning quality which is a real improvement on the device. This wonderfully designed device supports Verizon, AT&T, and many more global carriers.

iPad Mini VS IPad mini 2
The 7.9 inch screen is the perfect size to watch videos or movies comfortably. The M7 motion co-processor has improved the battery life of iPad mini 2 much more than that of iPad mini. Also, the A7 chip has really powered up the device unlike in case of iPad mini. The storage capacity is 128GB on iPad mini2 which is very large compared to the one that the original version has. www.tablethub.co.uk has quite a number of offers on this model mainly because the model fits well within your budget and provides you with everything you need.