Computer gadgets have become a lot simpler to operate and easier to carry than they used to be decades back. The same applies for iPad Air which weighs approximately 1 pound and does everything that a laptop does. The aluminum body that encompasses the entire mechanism is very strong to sustain meager falls. Yet, a protective cover on top of it is highly recommended by The 9.7 inch retina display offers razor sharp images and has improved the video quality to a remarkable
level. The experience cannot be realized unless you try it out yourself. In fact, the 3.1 million pixel density in this model is undoubtedly more than that of a HD TV.

The device is unbelievably responsive and fast due to the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. Despite that, the battery lasts for more number of hours than you probably thought it would, in the beginning. A fantastic Wi-Fi performance is noticed with the presence of MIMO technology and the Wi-Fi + cellular model supports a lot of LTE bands that enable faster connections. iPad Air has great many apps to browse internet, send emails and make video calls. For reading purposes no other device gives as much comfort as iPad Air.


The surprising fact is that this device is a bit bigger than a normal iPhone and yet, easy to hand-carry wherever you go. There are several offers from Tablethub currently in display which continues to attract customers from across the city. It’s just one call away for you to grab the best tablet computer!