The stunning brushed metal design of iPad mini attracts you at first sight. The sleekness of it feels so comfortable in your hands that you would like to carry it wherever you go. The 7.9 inch display gives you a very convenient viewing experience while watching a movie or playing games. The newer version of iPad mini has some improved features which are really commendable. The image quality has been enhanced and the pictures look really brighter than before. Reading text from the screen is quite a feeling that you can’t forget.

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The processor is what makes the device superior to many other brands. iPad mini comes with iPad 2’s A5 processor. Similarly, the newer mini’s come with the processors of iPhone 5S. The camera is another amazing part of iPad mini as the pictures come out so well even if taken in poor lighting conditions. The battery life of the device is so encouraging that it lasts for 10 hours incessantly. If you have a 4G iPad mini connectivity, you will know for yourself how fast you are getting connected to internet even when you are roaming.

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Holding the tablet is like holding a big sized phone and yet, you would not feel the weight of it. There is no big difference in price between the previous version and the new one and it is well justified by the increase in functionalities and added features. Now is the time that you have to decide!

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