The first & foremost reason why iPad should be your tablet of choice is its size which is 25% thinner than iPad 4 and 7.5mm thick. This tablet has 64-bit A7 processor which is exactly the same as in iPhone 5S. The rear 5-mega pixel camera will overwhelm you with its crystal-clear quality when you are on Face Time. Though it is a powerful device, there is every assurance that the battery stays up to 10 hours undoubtedly.

The bult-in Wi-Fi with MiMO support makes this device stand afar from other tablet brands and makes internet connections possible at massive speeds. Similarly, the 9.7 inch retina display offers maximum comfort for those who watch videos or play games. The touch response of iPad air is so fast that you will have to be really careful while switching screens. The display of images from different angles gives the same result which offers you the convenience of holding the device the way you want. The iPad air can literally handle any powerful app that the app store hurls at it.

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Viewing images or watching videos gives more pleasant experience on iPad air than on any other similar brands. The glare is taken care of to a significant level at any viewing angle. In an effort to buy a new tablet, you would definitely find ipad Air 2 as something that you have dreamt all along.
The opportunity is at your doorstep!