iPad mini 2 has the perfect design that everybody likes without any prejudice. No other tablet brand has earned as much eulogy as this mainly due to its remarkable appearance. For those who were expecting a lot of HD action, iPad mini 2 is the perfect destination since it has A7 chip and 128GB iteration. The aluminium finish has definitely enhanced its appearance and made it more attractive than other brands.

The beautiful retina screen is supported by the excessively powered battery for image clarity. The image resolution of iPad mini 2 is double what the original iPad mini offers and the pixel density is 2048×1536. Additionally, the retina display of iPad mini 2 emits more rays than that of iPad mini 1 and that makes videos and pictures brighter. The slight increase in price of the former can be easily justified with the quality of image the device offers. The rear facing camera is another factor why the sales volume of ipad mini 2 is a lot higher.

ipad mini 2

The 5 megapixel and 1080p video quality will amaze anyone and exceed their expectations. The FaceTime video quality has improved much on the device which undoubtedly helps increase sales. With regards to graphics, iPad mini 2 is far superior to its predecessors. In the “Browser speed test”, the device has surpassed the original iPad mini by significant degrees. To conclude, iPad mini 2 will be the perfect buy for those who have fancied a “magic device”!