iPad Air is the fifth generation tablet computer launched in 2013 but it is still popular among the phone users. It is 4G and the iOS 7 operating system of the iPad Air is upgradable to iOS 9.0.2. But the most amazing thing about this tablet is the iPad Air contract deals that are as attractive as its features.

Best iPad Air 2 Contract Deals

Vodafone is offering the expensive iPad Air tablet at no upfront cost and at tempting monthly rental. 24 months contract deals are on offer and there are two choices. First choice is of 10 GB data at the monthly rental of £37 and second option is of 3 GB data at £32 rental. Both the deals the best and suited to most needs. Zero upfront payment is an added advantage for Smartphone users as they would want to buy the fifth generation tablet at any cost.

ipad air contracts deals

It could be expensive to buy iPad Air tablet outside contract deals. When the best iPad Air contracts are available there should be no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the tablet. Choose a 24 months contract deal and own an advance technology tablet at affordable monthly rental. This tablet is a big step in the design change of its iPad Air series tablets. It is thinner and lighter than its predecessor iPad 2.

iPad Mini Contract Deals

Buy the latest design and latest technology iPad Air at zero upfront payment and at cheap monthly rental. The contract deal offers more than you expect. It is bundle of happiness and joy of owning iPad Air.