According to Apple CEO, iPad Pro is the biggest news and the CEO wanted to highlight the technology the tablet packs but viewers were thinking of the news of iPad Pro contract deals that would make the technology marvel affordable. There is no reason to doubt on the technology of Apple but how the networks pack the tablet in their deals is anybody’s guess.

Best iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9 Contract Deals On Vodafone

best ipad pro contract deals

No Upfront Cost iPad Contracts

As expected, Vodafone the largest of all the networks was quick to announce its deals for iPad Pro buyers and the contracts are as lucrative as the tablet is. Contracts are for 24 months and the line rental is kept quite affordable. Buyers would enter into a two-year contract with Vodafone and get the phone free. Vodafone has two plans and the first plan provides the tablet for free. Plan cost is £37 and it gives 10 GB data.


Second plan is also interesting. But buyers are charges a small sum as product cost. Vodafone is charging £29 as upfront money for the plan and the plan value is £32. Users are provided 3 GB data with 4G speed in the second plan. Both the plans are the best iPad Pro contracts. Buyers can compare the contracts to with other deals to know what makes Vodafone deals the best.

Announcement of iPad Pro is a big step for Apple and big news for technology but for buyers availability of the tablet on cheap deals is bigger than any news on the design and technology of the tablet.