iPad Mini is neither an iPhone nor a tablet. It is a device that can work as a phone as well as a tablet computer. Its mini size makes it handy and the latest technology makes it useful. Apple announced its first mini tablet in October 23, 2012 and the latest in the line was announced in September 9, 2015.

Though Steve was against mini, post-Steve Apple went ahead and gave the world a mini tablet phone-computer. The size is just perfect 7.9 inch and the innards are very impressive. First mini tablet was launched with iOS6 but it was later upgraded to iOS 9.0.2, A5 chipset upgraded to A7 and the rear camera in the new tablet is 8 MP. Also the device is made inexpensive. With iPad Mini 2 contracts and iPad Mini 3 contracts, anyone can own the latest Mini tablet computers.

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Post-Steve Apple was right in sensing the need of a small device. Users were looking for something that is different or an option that can be used as a phone as well as a tablet computer. Apple was first to experiment with the idea and it was right. It launched the mini tablet computer when it was needed.

The only drawback of the Apple’s mini tablet was its price but iPad Mini contracts solved the riddle. Big deals were offered for the enthusiasts and the buyers were quick to accept the deals. The expensive mini tablet was offered free, line rental was made affordable and the deals also pack free minutes and texts.