Summary: iPad Air is the best tablet computer and it is evident from its age. It has become two this November but phone users are still crazy about it. Also networks are offering lucrative contracts on iPad Air.

iPad Air is celebrating its second year in service. Launched in November 2013 with much fanfare, the tablet computer was presented as one and only tablet that can accommodate all the needs of users and the tablet is still relevant.

Its power is its design that is 7.5mm and 9.7 inch. This slim tablet packs the most advanced mobile technology that is A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. The latest iOS 9 operating system makes it faster than its counterparts. And not to forget the many contract deals that provide cheapest iPad Air.

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“It is big but 9.7 inch slate is difficult to hold in hands but the big size is a necessity as you won’t be able to do multitasking on small screen. Big screen size has another advantage that is it makes games playing and movie watching an interesting affair. There could be more advantages of big screen but these are enough to understand benefit of big screens”, said an Apple dealer.

Some users say that their tablets are recognizable because of their big sizes. They don’t have to look for their tablets as they can easily find their tablets lying safely on their workstations or in the hands of their friends. Holding an iPad Air is like holding a mini laptop and it is easy to hold it on palm. The Wi-Fi design of cheapest iPad Air comes with 439 g weight. With 3G/LTE features, its weight is 478 g.

iPad Air is available in 16GB and 64GB variants. Which one would you choose? I can bet that you will go for the big one because you would want to load all your data in the tablet. Another reason for buying 64 GB device is price. It is unbelievable that iPad Air 64GB can be bought at the price of iPad Air 16GB.

“The cheapest iPad Air in the market is 64GB and it is only because of contract deals. When you have the opportunity to buy the big one then why would you choose for a small piece? Your needs will grow with time and you will think of upgrading your phone”, the phone dealer said.