Leaked iPad Air 3 case design has Smart Connector cut, space for LED flash and it accommodates four stereo speakers

If the Chinese cases are to be believed for the new version of iPad Air 3 scheduled to launch in Mid March, the device would come with a Smart Connector, flash for rear camera and four speakers.

The rumors are thrown by Macoatakara but there is no confirmation from Apple. iPad Air 3 is expected to launch at a March 14 event and the new device is said to have the features not available in its predecessors. Rumor mill was active since the Apple announced the new iPad but this rumor seems to be more close to fact as the case design matches with iPad features.

ipad-air-3-release date

The case pictures clearly show a cutout on the left side of the design meant for providing a Smart Connector. Camera position is dragged downside to accommodate a LED flash and four cuts are also made probably to accommodate stereo speakers of the new iPad air.

The case design can’t be taken seriously as case makers often work on rumors but most of the times they are right. The present case shows the external features of the new iPad Air 3 ahead of its launch. Apple also hinted that new iPad would get features not available on its predecessors.

iPad Pro doesn’t have a LED flash for rear camera and also it doesn’t have four stereo speakers. Going by the hints, it can be assumed that the new iPad Air 3 would come with rear flash and multiple speakers. The case design perfectly matches with what would be the design of new iPad Air 3.

Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/01/31/ipad-air-3-cases-leak/