Rumors are that Vodafone has exclusive deals for iPad Air 3 but not much is known about the deals as Vodafone is also waiting for Apple to unveil the third generation Air tablet. But it is certain that the Vodafone iPad Air 3 contract deal will be as beneficial as the iPad is.

Would Vodafone provide no upfront cost deal? A no upfront money deal is the best deal as it saves more. Buyers pay only contract money and also get maximum return on their investments. They get a certain number of free calls, texts and a certain amount of data at 4G speed. Vodafone gives maximum return on contract deals.

What Vodafone has in store for iPad Air 3 buyers is a secret but the indications its officials are giving show that it is going to surprise the tablet users with its deals. Apple is also relying on contact deals to sell its tablets. iPad Air 2 got weak response from buyers because of its high cost and regular features. iPad Air 3 is said to be close to iPad Pro in features and technology hence Vodafone iPad Air 3 is expected to get a huge response.

Rumor mill is active revealing information on expected contract deals by Vodafone. People have high hopes from phone deals as a considerable number of iPad buyers rely on contracts to buy iPads. iPad Air 3 isn’t going to be cheaper than its predecessor hence a contract deal is the best way to buy the third generation Air tablet.