iPad Pro is the tablet that has maximum reviews to its credit. Reviewers talk about its design, size, features, technology and functionality but they are silent on its price. They don’t want to discuss its price as it is quite expensive but the reviewers don’t forget mentioning iPad Pro contracts.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that reviewers vote for deals with networks. 32GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi connectivity costs $799 and 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular is priced at $1079. It is really expensive to buy an iPad Pro at its market price. Only a handful of buyers could afford this expensive gadget, if it is taken off from deals.

Apple is able to sell more units only because of deals. Vodafone is offering iPad Pro at £43 for 24 months contract. The contract includes £349 as upfront money and it packs 10GB data at 4G speed in the monthly rental. But the biggest surprise is from EE that is offering iPad Pro contracts with no upfront money. Three network also has similar deals for iPad Pro. Together with positive reviews and iPad Pro contract deals, Apple has kept its hold on tablet market.


Today there are more iPad Pro deal buyers than the users who bought iPad Pro at market price. Everyone wants to save money and there is nothing wrong in saving money when you have an opportunity. By paying a meager monthly rental for a short time like 24 months, you can become proud owner of an iPad Pro tablet.

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