Wow! It is how you’ll react to see Vodafone iPad Pro plan, if you’re considering buying an iPad Pro. If you want to upgrade your Smartphone to a tablet then the time to upgrade the phone has come. Buy iPad Pro without comparing it with any other tablet.

But it is expensive! These will be your first words on looking at the iPad Pro and this tablet is really very-very expensive. 32GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi comes at $799 and if you need 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular then you’ll need spending more than $1000. But there are no worries with Vodafone contract deals.

Vodafone Sim Only Contracts

Vodafone will pay the market price for you and you’ll get your iPad Pro on easy contract deal. Monthly installment would be lowest at £38 but you’ll need paying a small sum as upfront cost. The upfront cost is £379 and the deal packs free calls, free texts and 3GB data free at 4G speed. Another Vodafone iPad Pro plan has low upfront cost that is £349 but the monthly rental is slightly increased to £43. This plan has 10GB data free at 4G speed.

ipad air 3 contract deals vodafone three ee

Buy iPad Pro contact deal instead of buying iPad Pro as the deal will give you maximum return on your investment. Save money while buying the bestselling tablet and also save money while using the tablet. With iPad Pro contract, you’ll keep saving. When the contract term is over, you’ll get ownership of the tablet at no added or extra cost.