24 months contract is the best deal on Apple iPad like 9.7 inch iPad Pro, Air 2 and Mini 4. It is the best because it packs many freebies like up to 10GB data free at 4G speed. If you are an Internet butt then you can choose 10GB free data plan with your 24 months contract with the network of your choice.

Vodafone is offering iPad Air 2 at no upfront cost on its 24 months contract. The contract money is fixed at £37 and there are no hidden or extra charges applied to the contract money. If you want to reduce the monthly rental, you can choose £32 monthly contract. It is also a 24 months contract but it carries £9 as upfront money and packs 3GB free data at 4G speed. Network 3 has £36 monthly rental deal for iPad Air 2. It is also a 24 months contract with £29 as upfront money and provides 5GB free data.

Sim Only Contract Deals


A contract deal is the best deal on Apple iPad because it reduces product cost. Either you won’t pay anything for the iPad or you’ll be charged a nominal amount for the iPad. After 24 months, the iPad will be free and you can sell it at a premium in market. It is the best deal as it provides the iPad at affordable price and also you get more than you pay in monthly rental. You get free data download, free talk time and free texts in the montly rental.

Vodafone Sim Only Contracts