A SIM only deal is always the best choice as it provides freedom to choose your iPad and plan. For instance you can an iPad Pro 32GB tablet with Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity at less than market price that $729 and save money on monthly plan.

It is true that paying more than $500 is a big expenditure but if you need iPad Pro 32GB then you’ve to make this investment. Also you have an opportunity to save money on your monthly play. Look at O2 SIM only offers to know more about the SIM only deals. Select a one-month deal and use it to determine its usability. If you find it accommodative, you can continue the plan.

In SIM only deal, you can change your plan after expiry of the present plan and to remain at safe side, you can choose monthly plans. On the contrary, contract deals will tie you to a deal for long 24 months period. There is no point in waiting for 24 months to change your plan or tablet when you’ve the option to buy new tablets as soon as they are launched.


When you want to upgrade your iPad Pro 32GB tablet to 128GB, you can simply sell your 32GB tablet to a prospective buyer and in this way get good return on your investment. Or you can buy a second hand but good condition tablet at reduced price and choose the best of the O2 SIM only offers. With SIM only, you’ll get total freedom of changing your tablet and plan.