The second generation iPad 2 from Apple aims to further increase standards in the lucrative tablet computer market. Perfection is concentrated on areas such as aesthetics, technology and usability. In this article we take closer look at the new design along with the usability improvements that have been introduced.

Although aesthetically it is unmistakably an iPad on contract no upfront cost, the second generation device sports an entirely new design which is an impressive 33 percent thinner than the original at just 0.34″ (or 8.8mm) and 15 percent lighter at just 1.33 pounds (or 601g). A new metal alloy casing material is also being used, with the tablet now resembling the all-in-one unibody construction as used in the Mac Book Pro and iMac computers. This lends the device a more up market and durable feel than either the first invention version or its key contender.

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Extra artistic improvements include the accumulation of a front-facing camera and the opening of a new notion called Smart Covers, which provide safety for the 9.7″ touch screen. Smart Covers are based around a self-aligning alluring hinge that attaches to the iPad 2 surround and can involuntarily awake the tablet when removed and put it to nap when attached. The outer material of the Smart Cover is available in either colored polyurethane or buckskin, whilst a microfiber lining keep the screen from scratches and marks when attached. The stylish Cover can also fold into a stand to aid typing or watching movies. In iPad 2 Color Options a white iPad on contract no upfront cost 2 is now available in addition to the standard black edition.

Whether Apple have learned from the manufacturing issues experienced in producing the white iPhone models remains to be seen, but at least the white version will be freely available from launch with iPad on contract no upfront cost.