iPad Pro is more than a tablet; the never before experience of personal computing the iPad gives makes it a super-tablet. The incredible power you get under your fingertips will make even the most complex looking task a natural job like touching the touchscreen. The Pro model is available in two screen sizes – 12.9 and 9.7.

Whichever iPad Pro you buy depends on your needs but you don’t have to worry about price as you can find an iPad Pro contract for your kind of tablet. Smaller 9.7 slate starts from $599 and price of bigger 12.9 tab starts from $799. There are six choices in 9.7 tab and the 12.9 tab is available in five options. Similarly, there are different contracts for both the iPads. The lowest contract available for 9.7 tablet is £38 and the lowest iPad Pro 12.9 contract deal is £62. Both are 25 months contract and both contracts have free data to use.

iPad Pro contract

But first you should choose an iPad

Screen size

Size does matter and this is evident from the large 12.9 inch tablet that boasts the highest resolution of any iOS device and the 9.7 tablet is the brightest and the least reflective screen in the world. And you will be surprised to know that the 9.7 inch screen has the same color space as used by the digital cinema industry. And not to forget to mention the True Tone display feature that makes the screen more user-friendly.

If you look at iPad Pro 9.7 contract, you will find that it is more cost effective and rewarding. For instance take 24 months £38 contract that includes £90 as product price, 5GB data and 4G speed. If you could pay £10 more then you will get more benefits. The 24 moths £48 contract has £49.99 product cost.


Design changes with screen size. The 9.7 inch tablet us 6.1mm thin and it weighs only 437 gm and the 12.9 inch slate is 6.9mm thin and its weight is only 713 gm. Whichever tablet you choose, you will find it easy to grab in hands and use. The touch sensitive buttons reduce response time and the latest technology processes commands faster. Using the iPad is really a luxury.

The 9.7 inch tablet is available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models and buyers have the options to choose between Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular tablets. And there is an iPad Pro contract for each model.