It isn’t that iPad Pro is the only tablet available in market but it is this tablet that provides more options and greater choices. If you search iPad Pro, you’ll wonder whether to buy the large 12.9 inch tablet or own a pocket friendly 9.7 inch tab. A quick comparison is needed to find advantages and disadvantages of the two bestselling iPads.

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Before you compare the features, you will certainly want to know about price. So, let’s start comparing the tablets with their prices. The 9.7 inch iPad starts with £599 and the starting price of 12.9 inch iPad is £799. You’ll pay £200 more for a big screen. If you buy EE iPad Pro 9.7 inch, you can save more. You’ve two 24 months deals to choose from. First deal will cost you £48 and the second deal will cost £50.50. EE also has cost effective deals for the big 12.9 inch iPad.

Let’s start comparing features of both the models of iPad Pro


The 9.7 inch screen looks small before its bigger sibling but technically, there is little difference between displays of the two iPads. While the 9.7 inch display has lower resolution but it retails the same ppi that the 12.9 inch screen has. Also the 9.7 inch iPad Pro has an attractive LCD panel that can be said the best for a tablet of its size. Also the small screen can reveal more colors than its bigger siblings and with True Tone it can adjust the color tone according to surrounding light.


EE iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet features 12MP rear camera and 5MP front facing secondary camera while the bigger sibling packs 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front facing lens. So, if you’re looking for an improved camera then 9.7 inch tablet is a better choice. In addition to camera, the 9.7 inch tablet provides more storage choices. It is available in 32/128/256 GB Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular capacity but the 12.9 inch tablet is available in 32/128/256 GB Wi-Fi capacity and 128/256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular capacity.

9.7 inch tablet is easier to handle as it fits decently on palm and also it can be operated with single hand. But it isn’t that 12.9 inch tablet has no uses. It is more like a mini computer than a tab. If you’re looking for a digital assistant then 12.9 inch iPad Pro is a better choice.