Everything Everywhere (EE) Limited is one of the leading mobile networks in UK and it enjoys support of more than 90% of the UK mobile population. It is popular for two reasons first is service and second is affordability. EE provides comprehensive network services but cost of the services is kept on lower side.

The network offers yearly contract deals but its EE sim only deals are more popular. SIM Only is an opportunity to use a service for short time and also it is an opportunity to change your phone without changing your phone number. It is an opportunity to improve your accessibility and also an opportunity to keep your monthly phone bill down while using the network services to the full.

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So, why buy SIM Only deal from EE

Everything Everywhere for Everyone

It hardly matters whether you’re using an iPad Pro or it is an iPhone or you like a Smartphone, EE has a SIM for you and this SIM will fit decently in your handset. You won’t face an issue with fixing the EE SIM in your iPad or iPhone or Smartphone. The SIM is available on all EE stores and you can also choose the best monthly deal with the SIM.

So, which deal would you chose

30 Day Plan

It is shortest mobile plan available but it contains more offerings than others. Use EE network for 30 days and renew the plan, if you like it or you can switch to the bigger 12 months plan that can save more. Bigger plan has big savings but you shouldn’t underestimate the offerings of smaller 30 day plan. Explore and compare sim only contract deals to find the best that can
accommodate your needs the most.

EE for Entertainment

When you’re on EE network, you can take advantage of the cheap video streaming service. You’ll be charged £1/week for unlimited streaming of videos. Also you can buy tickets to your favorite shows and programs at discounted rates on EE network. The network reserves seats at popular shows for its subscribers.


It’s the EE version of 4G network of high speed data download at reduced price. With unrestricted freedom to the wide coverage of 4G network, EE empowers its subscribers to take advantage of data download anytime and anywhere. Perhaps it is the biggest advantage and also the biggest reason for mobile phone users switching to EE SIM only contract deals.