iPad no upfront cost is a lucrative deal and you’ll be surprised to know that the deal covers all the varieties of iPads including the latest Air 2 and the upcoming Air 3. But the bestselling iPad on no upfront price deal is the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. If you aren’t certain, which iPad would you buy, then choosing an Apple tab is going to be quite difficult for you.

Let’s start with the biggest tab

iPad Pro 12.9 inch

It is biggest of all the Apple tabs available in market and also the most expensive tab but it is a quite useful tab for creative people. If you like art and also you love creating drawing on free time then you’ll like this bigger slate. 12.9 inch makes a big slate and you can buy it on easy contract deal. Just choose your tab and buy it at no upfront cost. There will be no problem with the big 12.9 inch tab as it will respond to your every touch.

iPad Air 2 Vodafone Tablethub

iPad Pro 9.7 inch

The bestselling version of the iPad Pro tabs. It is small but very powerful. It starts at £499 but there is little need to worry about its price as it can be bought at an iPad no upfront cost deal. What is more amazing is that all the leading networks provide contract deals with iPad Pro tabs. You can easily choose the 9.7 inch tab that best suits to your needs and pay its price on easy monthly payments. The 9.7 inch display has True Tone feature and the color combination matches with the design with HD digital movie. The operating system is iOS 9 but can be upgraded to iOS 10. Its chip is A9X and the dual-core CPU clocks at 2.16 GHz.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 price starts at £379 and for this reason, it is the cheapest of all the Apple tabs in market. But with contract deal, you can buy it at dirt cheap price. When you don’t have to pay any upfront cost, you can save a lot. The display size is equal to the iPad Pro 9.7 inch but the chip is slightly lower and so is iOS. iPad Air 2 packs Apple A8X chip and it has triple core CPU that clocks at 1.5 GHz. The iOS is 8.1 but upgradable to iOS 10. Compare all the versions of iPad and choose your tablet. And don’t worry about price.