iPad Pro is the best ever tablet computer from the brand Apple. This tablet comes in two screen sizes – 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch. Both are the best tabs and both have their niche market. But an average tab buyer could get confused over buying an iPad Pro.

Let’s find out the targeted markets of these phones

iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Its screen size is 9.7 inch and it isn’t a small size. It is bigger than other tablet phones but smaller than its sibling that is 12.9 inch. Let’s call it iPad Pro cheap as it is easily available on contract deals. You can easily buy it on a deal with the mobile network of your choice like Vodafone. Also you won’t need paying any upfront fee as leading networks including EE are offering no upfront cost deal on iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet computer. Its size and price will fit into your pocket.

ipad pro no upfront cost
It’s good, if you need a tab for general work. Apple designed it keeping need of general users in mind. It is phone and also a handheld computer that can do multitasking whenever required. This tab is incredibly portable and if offers an amazing combination of features. The retina display of the 9.7 inch tab uses the same color space as valid in the digital cinema industry. Also the user need not worrying about light when viewing things on the Pro as it has True Tone display feature.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch

It is bigger than any other tab in market hence it would be right to call it a portable computer. There are some tasks where size does matter. If you’re a creative artist then you can make most of this big tab. Similarly other professionals can also use the tab for varied jobs. It’s a good choice, if you want to do more than viewing your mails, messages and web pages. For instance take Split View app that can split various apps on the screen. And this iPad also becomes iPad Pro cheap with contract deals.

Which iPad should I buy?

If you’re upgrading from your present tab then iPad Pro 9.7 inch is better suited to your needs. It looks small but it’s a big tab. It is easy to carry and convenient to use. But, if you need a handy laptop that can help in most of your office work then, look no further than the bigger 12.9 iPad Pro.