iPad 10.5 is a turbocharged tablet. In its quest to find an ideal tab to replace laptops, Apple first launched 12.9 inch tablet iPad Pro. It is the biggest tab in market today but the sheer size makes a little bit uncomfortable to be carried in pocket or use in crowd. The 12.9 inch size consumes much space. Apple kept its quest for a tab that is ideal replacement for laptops.

Last year, Apple introduced a smaller yet powerful tab called Pro 9.7 inch. It is smaller sibling of the bigger brother but the quest for an ideal kept going. But it seems that Apple’s quest for the tablet has come to an end with the launch of 10.5 inch tablet. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is an ideal size tab (9.7 inch tab is discontinued). The slim design with an improve screen and boosted power puts a full stop to Apple’s quest for right size tablet. This tablet is available with iPad contract deals of leading networks.

If you are considering buying a tab or you want to upgrade your present tab then the latest 10.5 inch tablet would be an ideal choice. It is love at first sight as it is a perfect tab for every need. With the new iPad Pro 10.5, you don’t have to struggle with size as it is neither too big nor too small. Also the new iPad packs latest technology –A10X Fusion chip, iOS 10.3.2, 512 GB internal memory and 4GB RAM.

Every leading network including Vodafone and EE is offering iPad contract deals with this bestselling tablet. You can easily find a deal that can accommodate all your needs and also fit into your pocket. You will get many offers from free data to cheap line rental with the deals.