If you are looking for a tablet that is as light as a feather but as powerful as an advance laptop then iPad Air is the best choice. It weighs around 470 g and packs powerful Apple A7 chip. The iOS is 7 but upgradable to iOS 10.3.2. Aesthetic design with metal that looks and feels premium make this tab a must have device for starters. If you are buying your first ever tab then the iPad Air is the best choice.

Buying an Apple tab is always an expensive affair but there are ways to make it a happy affair. For instance, you can buy the tab on a contact deal with a leading network service provider. EE iPad Air contract is a 24-month deal that provides a load of free minutes, texts and data download. The line rental is cheap and the overall contract is developed to help users. EE also has SIM only deals, if you don’t wish to adhere to a long term deal.

The iPad Air scores high on every count from retina display to sound quality and from clock speed (1.3 GHz) to connectivity. The 9.7 is a perfect size to hold in hands and also to carry in pocket. This tab will give speed to your work and also save you time that you can spend on your social media profile. If you need a tab but worried about funds then shed all your worries and buy an iPad Air deal.

EE iPad Airis the best contract you can buy for your tablet. With this contract, you not only save money but also get more value for your money. You get high return on every pound you spend on the deal. You can also save money with SIM only deals.