The first iPad was introduced in the year 2010 and since then Apple is continuously upgrading its tablets with new features. Today it has five generations of iPads to offer. There is a Mini-series of 7.9 inch tablets and also there is Pro that has the biggest screen iPad that is 12.9 Inches in diameter. Apple recently released smaller 10.9 inch Pro to target users that need a tablet that is bigger than phone but smaller than laptops.

Apple has a laptop for every need and the needs vary from one user to another. People call these tablets contract iPads as they buy Apple tablets on deals with networks. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Apple is able to sell more tablets only with the help of contract deals. On the other hand, leading networks are more than happy to provide lucrative deals to phone users that want to upgrade to iPad.

People choose tablet over Smartphones for one reason that is an iPad is more like a laptop than a phone but it can be carried and used like a phone. A tablet is a great device for mobile gaming and also for surfing through web pages. Large screen size helps in reading content and specific apps can show different web pages on the screen. You know an iPad is great for many things and for this reason you want to upgrade your phone to tablet.

Explore contract iPads of leading network service providers and choose the best tablet and deal to buy the iPad that can accommodate your need and also fit into your pocket. There is an iPad and a deal for you and you only need shopping around and comparing tablets and deals to find the best.