The iPad Pro 12.9 inch is suitable only for the users that always carry laptop along and the smaller 9.7 inch tab is discontinued for want of features. It is 10.5 inch iPad Pro that is the latest from Apple. It is bigger than its predecessor but it is smaller than the bigger 12.9 inch piece. Whether you are buying your first ever tablet or upgrading your present tab, the 10.5 inch tab is just perfect for every need.

The latest iPad Pro 10.5 inch is available in 64/256/512 GB internal memory and Apple iPad contract deals are available for every piece. Also you have a good range of colors to choose from. Colors available with latest tab are Space Gray, Rose Gold and Silver. Market price of the tab varies according to its internal memory but you need not worrying about the market price as you are buying the tab on a contract deal.

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