Finally there is a tablet with which you would certainly want to replace your laptop. It is Apple’s 10.5 inch high-tech iPad Pro gadget and it packs amazing features that even your laptop could lack. At first look, it is a great display with a full-size keyboard that could be as quick as you want it to be.

Let’s get into the numeric. You know it is 10.5 inch and it shows that it is smaller than the big 12.9 inch but larger than the outgoing 9.7 inch model. In short, the size is just perfect for every need. While a bigger tablet is cumbersome to carry and work from outdoors, a smaller tablet becomes inaccessible at congested places. The 10.5 inch is just perfect size for an iPad. And there is no need to worry about price as there are cheap iPad Pro contracts to make buying the expensive 10.5 inch tablet at affordable price. Its market price is £619 for 64GB.

Apple has continuously evolved its iPads to bring its tablets close to laptops but the new Pro has really blurred the line between tablet and laptop. The power of A10X Fusion processor is visible when it runs the Pro at an amazing speed. It has 10 hours of battery per charge to provide unlimited connectivity to the users. And it comes in attractive colors – Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver.

iPad Pro contractsare as attractive and beneficial as the tablet is. All the network service providers are offering lucrative deals with the tablet. If you can shop around, you can easily find the deal that best matches with your needs. So, if you are still using the old tablet or carrying your laptop around then it’s time to switch to the new tablet.