Monthly cost 4G UK data
Agreement length
UK minutes
UK Texts
£9.50-£30 Unlimited
12 Months
o2 Sim Only Contract Deals

O2 Sim Only Contract Unlimited Internet

O2 pay monthly SIM only contracts are just perfect, if you built an attachment with your handset and now you want to continue with it. With more minutes, texts and data, you can use more and save more. O2 SIM only deals start from 30 days to 12 months and tariffs start from £8 a month. O2 has certainly the best to offer than any other mobile network service provider.

Simple plans

O2 has cheapest SIM only plans to offer. £8 plan is the best SIM only contract O2, if your needs are small. It has more talk time, messaging and data download. O2 has plans to suit to different budgetary needs and web browsing habits. When you need, you can buy more. O2 caters to the needs of its customers to full. Choose your SIM, place your order, pop the SIM into your phone and you are ready to go. With O2, you won’t face any network or data related problem.

Budget plans

O2 SIM only contract deals are called cheapest deals because they are cheaper than conventional subsidized mobile contracts. In SIM only, a SIM is provided and a contract is signed. Since contract period starts from 30 days and tariffs are kept low, phone users find SIM only deals more lucrative than mobile contracts. Expensive tablets and iPads and multitasking ability of devices like iPad Mini and adding iPad Air keep them useful for long time. Simply put, it doesn’t make sense to replace an expensive and useful device just to change a plan or switch the network.

High return

SIM only contracts offer maximum return on investment. O2 offers more than it takes from users. A load of facilities in the form of free minutes, texts and data are offered at a very small tariff. Also the return is increased on the handset. A used iPad could get the best price in second hand phone market. It is an added advantage that isn’t available with subsidized tablets as by the time the contract period of a subsidized iPad Mini ends, the user had already paid a huge price for the iPad Mini.


Perhaps it is the biggest advantage of O2 SIM only contracts. Users are free to switch their plans. Choose 30 days plan and change it next month, if you find that the present plan can’t accommodate your needs. The cheapest contract period in SIM only plans is 12 months and it isn’t a long time. Tariff of 12 months contract is kept lower than 30 days plans to make 12 months SIM only contracts the best.

O2 SIM only deals

Why O2?

O2 isn’t only one of the leading mobile networks of UK but also the most reliable network. It has the SIM only deals that fit into every need and pocket. Cheapest tariff, more talk time, more texts and more data is certainly an advantage for the users. O2 promises complete network coverage and superior customer care service.

It is easy to choose a SIM only plan from O2 as it has a wide range of SIM plans to offer. Also O2 promises the cheapest SIM only deals with the best facilities. There will be no other option left after comparing SIM only contract deals O2 with others.